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LTIB news

12th January 2010

A new tarball release 10-1-1a is now available for download. For instructions please click here.

30th June 2009

New look website launched with better navigation and quick links to all the most frequently accessed information.

Note that this site is also now available via the URL: http://ltib.org/

24th June 2009

New packages: libogg, libvorbis and libtheora have been added. These were submitted by Alan Carvalho de Assis.

19th June 2009

New generic soft-float ARM toolchain uploaded to the GPP by Steve Papa. This is currently being used by the ep93xx platform, but is suitable for other platforms too.

6th June 2009

New ep93xx ARM platform has been added by Stuart Hughes

5th June 2009

The folks at Savannah have now restored CVS their various backups which I glued together and it's working again.

1st June 2009

Savannah crashed, CVS not available.

27th May 2009

Build machine's toolchain is now picked up from an initial users path rather than being hard wired to /usr/bin.

19th May 2009

New platform: ea3113 ARM platform has been added by Kevin Wells.

18th March 2009

Savannah CVS has been updated with a new merge from Freescale. A detailed changlog can be found: here

15th January 2009

New platform: Phytec 3250 ARM platform has been added by Kevin Wells.

9th December 2008

Savannah CVS has been updated with a new merge from Freescale. A detailed changlog can be found: here

25th September 2008

There's a new tarball available for download for those that are unable to access Savannah via CVS. To get this click on this link: http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/ltib/ltib-8-1-2a-sv.tar.gz

28th July 2008

LTIB BOF at OLS, slides from the OLS Birds Of a Feather (BOF) session can be found here:

Roll your own Linux, the easy way (BOF)

16th April 2008

LTIB presented at the CELF conference at the San Francisco computer history museum.

8th April 2008

Savannah CVS updated with new merge from Freescale

A detailed changlog can be found here: http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/*checkout*/ltib/doc/LtibMergesFromFSL-20080404?root=ltib

30th January 2008

LTIB training pdf document posted: Introduction to LTIB

5th November 2007

The latest LTIB has been merged out from Freescale. This includes many new features, bug fixes and general improvements.

For full details please look at the changelog: 5th November 2007 Freescale to Savannah merge out details

21st March 2007

A new cvs snapshot is available here: http://www.bitshrine.org/gpp/savannah_ltib-20070321.tar.gz

16th March 2007

savannah.nongnu.org is back up, CVS is available again.

14th March 2007

Savannah.nongnu.org seems to be down. To mitigate this I've uploaded a recent CVS snaphot, which you can get here: http://www.bitshrine.org/gpp/savannah_ltib-20070305.tar.gz

12 December 2006

New platform: cobra5475 m68k (MMU) submitted by Tobias Simon has been added.

27th November 2006

Having had a slight roasting that made me realise Thanksgiving had just been and gone, I thought it was high time to do another merge out to Savannah's CVS.

The most notable things are:

One thing to note is that updating the CVS means that some of the patches referenced by the meta-data may not have made it out to the GPP yet. The current snapshot of what is and isn't external with respect to CVS is available here. Note however that things get continually pushed out to the GPP, so the most accurate way to tell is to either a) try ./ltib, b) got to the GPP and see if the file you want it there.

As always if you have any comments please join the mailing list and let me know (as gently as possible).

I will be making a tarball "x.y.x" release once things have had a little while to settle down.